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Building Features:

  • Reception Counter for Residential and Condotel Lobby
  • High Speed Elevators
  • Wifi and Cable Ready
  • Emergency Power for all Units, Common Areas and Facilities
  • Centralized Fire Protection and Smoke Detection Systems
  • Water Supply and Fire Reserve Systems
  • Centralized Garbage Disposal System
  • CCTVs in all Elevators, Hallways and Lobby
  • 24-Hour Building Security
  • Traffic/Car Ramp Signaling System
  • Parking Lift
  • Basement Paging System
  • In-Building Telephone Facility
  • Master Antennae TV System for Non-Cable TV Subscribers
  • Building Maintenance and Janitorial Services
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The location of the Milan Residenze and the nearby facilities are more than enough for most people to seriously consider buying a unit there but to sweeten the pot, the developers also managed to squeeze in a couple of nice amenities for the future residents of the building.

For instance, one of the biggest concerns of any prospective homeowner is the safety of the place he will be moving into and that will be a problem at the Milan Residenze. For starters, there is a team of trained security personnel who are constantly roving through the entire building and condominium compound so you can be sure that there will be someone who will be able to help you whenever you need assistance. In addition to the security guards, all of the high-speed elevators, public hallways, and the lobby of the condominium building is constantly being watched by dozens of security cameras. If the guards somehow failed to notice something strange, you can be sure that it will be caught on camera.

The building also offers 24-hour building maintenance and janitorial services, so you just need to call the main office whenever you need some work done on your unit. Speaking of services, the condominium also provides provisions for internet and cable television installation. In case you don’t want to spend money on cable TV, the building can give you free access to the master TV antenna system (for digital television broadcasts).

Aside from security, the other biggest concern of potential homeowners is the availability of recreational and fitness facilities. This is also not a problem when you plan to live in the Milan Residenze. Just like most condominiums, the Residenze also has a swimming pool. In fact, it has two - one for adults and a smaller one for young children. If you want to go someplace quiet so you can relax your mind, you can go to the building’s wide viewing deck and just stare at the beautiful Quezon City skyline. If you are tired of seeing concrete structures, you can just sit and contemplate in the garden.

You do not have to spend on a fancy gym membership when you live in the Residenze because the condominium has its own, fully-equipped and staffed fitness gym. Here, you can lift weights so you can work on building up your muscle mass. You can also hit the different machines so you can sweat the pounds away. The gym also has trainers who will be more than happy to guide you through your fitness journey. Sometimes, they also conduct aerobic classes. If you are more of a runner then you just need to put on your running clothes and lace up your shoes because there is an ample jogging path just outside of the main building.

These are just some of the many different amenities that you can potentially enjoy if you decide to live in the Milan Residenze. Between these opulent facilities and the almost perfect location of the condominium itself, you will be crazy if you do not think that this is the perfect place to stay in Quezon City.

  • Swimming Pool for Adults and Kids
  • Fitness Gym
  • Children's Playground
  • Multi-purpose Function Room
  • Viewing Deck and Garden
  • Jogging Path
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